About Us

PetStation is a company for the happiness of your pet!

Our store offers  you today a variety of high quality products from which you can choose exactly what suits your pet! Food, delicacies, accessories, hygiene products and maintenance, as well as toys are selected from the ranks of the most renowned manufacturers to satisfy any preference.The vivid decoration, the unique design, the well-trained staff and the pleasant atmosphere in our shops are just a few of the reasons why our customers always come back for great shopping.

For many of us your pet is part of the family, wanting to give them the best, care for them best and give them the love they needs. PetStation comes  to help with the best care, nutrition and education tips.

What beautifying our yard is a beautifully landscaped pond in which is swimming elegant coloring Koi fish, some truly incredible creatures. These fish are easy to tame and soon they can eat from your hand, reacting just like any pet. Their relatives from the natural environment are not so colorful and varied but due to the selections and crossings over the time made by the Japanese specialists it arrived at the special specimens that we can see today. Please join us, you will be enchanted by its beauty.


We are eagerly waiting you.



Misiaouli & Kavazoglou 110A
Limassol, Cyprus

Tel 25567718